About Us

Who We Are

South Texas School Furniture had begun its journey back in 1985 in Hallettsville Texas. Like any new start-up the journey has never been easy and it took days and nights to build integrity and credibility to achieve customer’s satisfaction. South Texas School Furniture was a decision born out of a passion offering smart solutions for all kinds of furniture needs of Schools, Libraries and Offices. With time due to our dedication and vision of providing premium quality and modern sleek designs South Texas School Furniture has become a most trusted furniture suppliers in South Texas.

Unlike others, we do not just make big claims that is too easy and commonplace, rather our vision is to offer intelligent furniture solutions by supplying you with durable, long-lasting, and exclusive furniture designs to enhance outlook of your premises or office.  We mainly provide personalized furniture for classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, offices, technology, science, and much more, including design and layout, delivery, assembly, installation, and waste removal. As our customers are placing purchase orders far and beyond Texas thus we have decided to expand our services across the states within the USA.

It has been more than 38 years since we only relied on USA-made products with a reasonable 20 years of warranty period because we believe our customer’s every single penny matters. Our journey towards achieving customer satisfaction does not end here – we have much more perks for our beautiful clients that we cannot wait anymore to disclose to you:


1-    We supply only the finest quality furniture with 20 years of warranty.

2-    Committed to providing personalized modern designs, durable, and long-lasting furniture suited to your needs.

3-    We do routine inspections to ensure our products are fit to use - we often catch repairs before any item becomes unfit.

4-    We offer free repairs, maintenance, and replacement of items under warranty period (20-year warranty).

5-    We know and understand that customer satisfaction comes first – we offer 24-hour customer care service to resolve your problems.

Many thanks to our dedicated team as we believe without their untiring efforts it would not be impossible for us to have reached so far. The end result is we have long-term customers and schools for 25+ years that are still using our furniture and this clearly shows customer’s love and reliance on our products.

We feel proud to have 98% happy and satisfied clients. This does not end here – we have 80% recurrent buyers and sales.

If you are looking for premium, customized and modern design furniture items with 20 year warranty period, we probably have a wide-ranging selection to fulfill your needs.